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The Flame of the Martial Arts
Martial's Kenpo Karate offers classes for all children ages 7 and up. Each child receives
specialized group or private instruction that is both fun and fundamental. Our balanced
curriculum helps to build gross motor skills, improve hand-eye coordination, and develops
awareness of self-control. Along with these physical aspects, come important life skills
that build self-esteem, self-confidence, and most importantly self-discipline.      
For the serious practitioner or the entry level student who is looking to improve strength,
flexibility, endurance, (and wants opportunities to relieve stress and tension); M.K.K.
adult only group or private (1-1) classes. These sessions consist of specialized
training in modern men & women's self-defense, traditional katas, weapons training, and
competitive sport karate. This is the perfect blend for any student regardless of age or
physical limitation. (Kenpo Karate adapts to the individual for the individual.)
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Martial's Kenpo Karate Garden City, Kansas
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Tom Kelly's Kenpo Karate
One of our newest programs, designed for children ages 3 to 6 years of age, is for the
child ready to kick and punch their way to success. Each class works with the basics of
the martial arts, while holding the student's attention in a fun atmosphere. We work with
each child on the first steps in physical and mental training; including work on discipline,
following directions, coordination and team work.
The Spirit of the Tiger and Dragon
Law of the Empty Hand and Fist
As a pillar of this
great community
for more than a
decade,we strive
to offer the best in
quality martial arts
instruction for all
regardless of age
or ability. Classes
can be arranged
to fit anyone's
busy schedule.
We take the stress
out of finding time
to study and make
classes convenient
for you.
Come work
out with family and
friends; choose to
study Kenpo for
physical fitness,
competition, or the
art-form itself.
Call today for
information on
classes for you
or your family.